I am an Iranian/Australian photographer based in Paris. I am passionate about art and documentary photography. My approach to photography is influenced by my childhood in Iran, a country rich with architecture, culture, and history. Through my photography I aim to immerse the audience in a journey. 

In 2012, following a successful career as a Marketing Professional, I made the decision to pursue my passion for photography. In Australia I studied photography in a design school on the Gold Coast and started my career as a freelance photographer, undertaking a variety of commercial and personal assignments.

In  2017 and 2019 I attended "The Photography Master Retreat" held by Elisabeth Biondi, Lyle Rexer and Martine Fougeron  in southern France. Through this workshop I established my visual identity as an image maker. Since then I worked on such projects as Steps of Passage and The Crossing. 

Currently, I am completing a European Masters of Photography at Speos International Photography School in Paris. Visit my website to explore my latest series Flourishing Movement and many others.

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